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What Features and Apps Come With NissanConnect®

What Features and Apps Come With NissanConnect® >

Today's driver cares about staying connected to the road and their smart device. Nissan meets this need with NissanConnect® Services. NissanConnect® is a bundle of music and social apps that comes standard on many popular new Nissan models for sale. NissanConnect® blends entertainment, security, and navigation as well as ways to stay in touch with your world. You can stream for favorite music or new audiobook without any cables or wires. You can control your NissanConnect® with verbal commands or by touch. If you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device or a Google Assistant, you can start your new Nissan with just your voice. You can also tell your vehicle to flash the lights and more. When you install the NissanConnect® app on your phone, you can find your parked car, send destinations to your navigation system, and lock/unlock the doors remotely.

How Does NissanConnect® Compare to Apple CarPlay®

NissanConnect® offers all that Apple CarPlay® gives you along with so much more. With NissanConnect®, you can field calls, respond to texts, play your media, get directions, and keep tabs on your social network. The NissanConnect® Services Premium package also brings security and convenience features that aren't available with Apple CarPlay®. A NissanConnect® Services representative will automatically contact you if the airbags deploy on your vehicle. From there, you can request roadside assistance or emergency services. If your car is ever stolen, NissanConnect® can connect you to the police.

If you plan to share your new Nissan sedan with other members of the family, you can activate various alerts such as speed, curfew, and boundary notifications if any of your set limits are exceeded. The maintenance alert can also notify you if any dashboard warning lights or malfunction indicator lights are triggered.

Do you ever get to the office and wonder if you forgot to lock your car? NissanConnect® Services with remote access eliminates that headache. Simply log into you NissanConnect® app to ensure your car's doors are securely locked.

What New Nissan Models Come With NissanConnect®?

What New Nissan Models Come With NissanConnect®?

You'll find NissanConnect® on many new Nissan models as well as popular late-model vehicles, including:

  • 2019: Frontier, NV200
  • 2018: Frontier, NV200, NV Cargo
  • 2018: NV Passenger, Rogue Sport, Sentra, TITAN, TITAN XD
  • 2017: Altima, Frontier, GT-R, Juke, LEAF
  • 2017: Murano, NV200, NV Cargo, NV Passenger, Rogue
  • 2017: Rogue Sport, Sentra, TITAN, TITAN XD, Versa sedan, Versa Note
  • 2016: Altima, Frontier, Juke, LEAF, Maxima
  • 2016: Murano, NV200, NV Cargo, NV Passenger, Rogue
  • 2016: Sentra, TITAN XD, Versa sedan, Versa Note
  • 2015: Altima, Frontier, Juke, Murano, NV200, NV1500
  • 2015: Rogue, Sentra, TITAN, Versa sedan, Versa Note, Xterra
  • 2014: Altima, Frontier, Juke, Rogue, Sentra, Xterra

What Apps Work With NissanConnect®?

What Apps Work With NissanConnect®?

To help you drive smarter, NissanConnect® uses the display screen in your vehicle to keep you in touch with your world and can communicate with many popular apps. As we've already mentioned, NissanConnect® works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa™ as well as many others. For your entertainment and information needs, NissanConnect® works with Bluetooth® streaming audio, Pandora®, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio and SiriusXM® Travel Link®. When it comes to your security and convenience, NissanConnect® works with SiriusXM® emergency response services. If you are trying to find local hotspots in a new area, NissanConnect® can connect you to Google® and SiriusXM® Traffic to help you find your destination and the quickest way to get there. If you want to keep up with your social-apps while on-the-go, NissanConnect® can access Facebook® and Twitter®.

Another benefit of NissanConnect® is the advanced voice recognition technology that allows you to make a call or send a text without taking your hands off the wheel.

Shop New Nissan Models with NissanConnect® Near Cape Coral, Florida

When you are ready to get behind the wheel of a new Nissan with NissanConnect®, take these directions from your home to our local Nissan dealership. When you arrive, our friendly sales associates can tell you about these features and more. Let us know how you'd like to stay connected to your new Nissan LEAF®, and we'll tour you through NissanConnect® Services. We hope to see you soon at Nissan of Fort Myers.

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